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How long until I feel pain relief from using the ActiPatch®?

Pain is generally viewed as being either acute or chronic. Pain becomes chronic if present longer than 3-6 months. ActiPatch® has been clinically shown to benefit both acute and chronic pain. Depending on the severity of the injury, patient pain levels can begin to subside after only 2-3 hours of wearing the device and will continue to decrease as long as the device is being used continuously or between 8-24 hours per day. However, in some instances it could take longer for the therapy to take effect.

ActiPatch® helps with acute injury by increasing blood flow and tissue drainage, reducing the swelling and pain for a more rapid injury recovery and return to normal function. ActiPatch® should be used for at least 8 hours per day but recommended to wear continuously or 24 hours as long as there is pain, discomfort and swelling.

Chronic pain is much harder to treat and is not always responsive to typical methods of pain management. Clinical studies have shown ActiPatch® to have good success with chronic pain. The pulse signal delivered by ActiPatch®, stimulates nerves causing a reduction in the pain signaling to the brain when used long enough, ActiPatch® can have exceptional results with chronic pain.

Pain is a very subjective sensation. One of the benefits of using the ActiPatch® technology is that it reduces pain much more effectively than commonly used pain pills and heating pads and actually speeds the healing process. Most painkillers have been shown through clinical studies to have minimal effects on soft tissue pain. ActiPatch® provides long lasting relief creating a therapeutic effect at the source of the pain. The device therapy is sensation and odor free and you will not feel the low level energy that is gently pulsed into the cells to restore damaged tissue.

Results from ActiPatch® consumer survey

From an ActiPatch® consumer survey, participants showed increased pain relief and effectiveness from wearing the device for a longer period of time.

Figure 1: VAS pain decreased in relation to daily hours of ActiPatch use

US customer survey data

Figure 2: VAS pain decrease in red and remaining pain (blue) in relation to daily hours used.

US customer survey data


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