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ActiPatch® Pain Relief Expands into Superdrug Pharmacy in the UK!

We're excited to announce that ActiPatch® Pain Relief is now available in 186 Superdrug Pharmacies and across the UK!

Visit your local Superdrug Pharmacy for more information!

With the recent expansion at Superdrug, Lloyds and Gordons, the ActiPatch® is now available in over 1,900 stores across the UK and Ireland.

Get your ActiPatch® 7-Day trial at today!

ActiPatch® is a new and clinically proven drug free technology in the fight against chronic pain. ActiPatch® relieves chronic and acute pain due to muscle and joint soreness, strains and sprains, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and more. ActiPatch® for long-lasting pain relief allows a good night’s sleep and daily activities restored. See how ActiPatch is changing lives at

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  • Would this help my knee I have pain behind knee which my GP has diagnosed as Baker’s Cyst.

    Joan Douglas on

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