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Don’t suffer with aches and pains this winter – Top tips from ActiPatch®



The cold weather can be problematic for people who suffer with joint and muscle pain. Nerve endings in joints and muscle tissues are sensitive to changes in weather pressure and temperature which in turn cause stiffness and pain, worsening in cold, damp conditions.


With January weather conditions in the UK set to be as dismal and damp as ever, the experts at ActiPatch® from BioElectronics have put together some top tips on coping with joint and muscle pain this winter:


Keep warm externally by layering up clothes and ensuring your extremities (hands, feet and head) are kept toasty with gloves, thick socks and a hat. If you suffer with neck and shoulder pains, always wear a scarf and protect the lower back by tucking a thermal vest in so as not to expose that area.


Keeping warm internally will help to increase your metabolism, thus warming you up all over.  Opt for hearty soups, warm drinks and spicy food if you like chilli! Add some ground turmeric to soups as this natural spice has anti-inflammatory properties which will help to ease pain from swollen muscles.


Use a natural pain reliever when possible.Taking over the counter pain relievers may help in the short term but many have problematic side effects and cannot always be used for long periods of time. ActiPatch® pain relief devices work using electromagnetic pulse therapy and are totally drug-free and clinically proven to be very effective in the long term for easing the symptoms of arthritis, fibromyalgia, muscle and joint soreness, sprains and strains.


Taking a warm bath will soothe aching muscles and help them to relax. Add some detoxifying Epsom bath salts or Arnica salts to the tub for an extra health boost. If possible, spend time in a hot tub as the water jets will gently massage a sore back.


Staying active is important all year round but more so in the winter when our bodies naturally stiffen up a little. Exercising indoors is a great option if you don’t fancy braving the outside weather, so research some local fitness classes or do a work out at home. Remember to be gentle with your body if you are in pain and don’t do anything that hurts.


Increase your vitamin D intake with a natural supplement. Vitamin D is mainly gained from the sunshine but this can be scarce in winter. A lack of vitamin D is thought to increase the risk of osteoporosis and rickets, leading to joint pain. There is a wide variety of supplements available nowadays but always check with your doctor before taking anything as it may interfere with existing medication or health problems.


Ben Fichter, Marketing Manager of the BioElectronics Corporation, commented: “The cold weather can play havoc with our bodies, especially as we tend to become more inactive in the winter. However, reducing or restricting movement is usually the worst thing to do if you have muscle or joint issues as it can lead to the body ‘seizing up’ more. Doing gentle exercise, looking after your body and keeping warm are all essential to keep you active and healthy. Our ActiPatch® pain relief products will help long-term with any pains and strains without the need for taking pills and can also help heal the problem area over time unlike other pain relief products.”


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