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ActiPatch® launches ‘Life Reinvented’ campaign


BioElectronics, the makers of ActiPatch®, musculoskeletal pain relief products, has launched a new ‘Life Reinvented’ campaign offering UK residents the chance to win their ultimate day.


‘Life Reinvented’ underpins exactly how the team at ActiPatch® feels about life as their pain relief products mean no more suffering, no more looking back and thinking the past was brighter than the future ever could be.


The ActiPatch® products work using electromagnetic pulse therapy. It is a clinically proven, drug-free technology that provides the user with long lasting pain relief and no side effects. Clinical tests have shown it to be very effective for easing the symptoms of arthritis, fibromyalgia, muscle and joint soreness, sprains and strains.


In celebration of ActiPatch®’s new ‘Life Reinvented’ campaign, the brand is now looking for someone who has totally reinvented their life. Whether they have overcome adversity or major illness and started a charity to help others or left a high-paid career to start a dream business, overcome fears to travel the world or learned to fly, ActiPatch® wants to hear about it.


Throughout the year a number of lucky entrants with the best ‘Life Reinvented’ stories will be selected to win their dream day; this could be anything from relaxing at a luxury spa retreat to experiencing the adrenaline rush of a day at the supercar tracks or anything in between.


Ben Fichter, Marketing Manager of the BioElectronics Corporation, commented: “We are launching our ‘Life Reinvented’ campaign to celebrate those people who overcame adversity and turned their lives around – proving that anything is possible. We believe that our products can help to reinvent someone’s life by reducing their pain through our drug-free technology so we want to hear from anyone inspirational who has reinvented their life, for whatever reason, and in any way.”


For more information about ActiPatch®’s ‘Life Reinvented’ campaign, please visit

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