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Using ActiPatch® for Tennis Elbow and Golfer Elbow

As an athlete, there is nothing more frustrating than being sidelined with an injury. While most of us do not have the talent to play professional sports that does not mean we are any less enthusiastic about our activities. Unlike sprains, strains and tears, Tennis Elbow and Golfer Elbow do not happen in a single moment but rather over time in small increments but can be just as painful and debilitating.

Tennis Elbow occurs when there is swelling of tendons on your forearm that are attached near the outside of your elbow. Golfer Elbow is different in that it affects the tendons that are used in the wrist and fingers. 

What both of these conditions share is that they are caused by repetitive motions. Unfortunately, this means that “playing through pain” will only make the condition worse. Additionally, even everyday tasks can become extremely painful since we use the same muscles in tennis and golf as we do performing routine tasks.

Treatment of Tennis or Golfer Elbow

Taking a break from specific sports and repetitive activities is important as the body will need time to heal. However, during this time you will likely still experience pain. One way to both manage the pain and reduce the healing time is to utilize a technology called Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMFT).

While PEMFT has been used for many years, until recently there has not been much clinical research to support its effectiveness. Now, however, there is a growing list of studies that show PEMFT to both reduce swelling and decrease pain. The major product used in these studies is ActiPatch®. This product is readily available in the UK, is affordable and is easy to use. Moreover, it is ideal for both reducing pain and healing time of Tennis Elbow and Golfer Elbow.

How ActiPatch® Works

ActiPatch® pulses 1,000 times per second to simulate neuromodulation of afferent nerves to dampen the brain’s perception of pain to provide long term relief. 

In laymen terms, ActiPatch® confuses the brain by sending pulse waves to counteract the pain signals your elbow is transmitting.

Imagine your elbow is a drum that beats like this “2,4,6,8,” telling your brain that it hurts. ActiPatch® is like an opposing drum that beats “1,3,5,7”. When you put both of them together, the brain can no longer hear the beat of pain. Best of all the ActiPatch® is completely safe and easy to use. 

Using ActiPatch® for Tennis or Golfer Elbow

The elbow is a notoriously difficult body part to put a bandage or other medical devices on simply because of its inherent range of motion. While there is no one way to attach an ActiPatch® to the elbow there are a few best practices.


For best results, place the loop of the device around the source of the pain. This can be over the elbow but is often below the elbow near the forearm. 

Bandage or wrap: One preferred method is to use any soft wrap. Simply center the ActiPatch® around your elbow while you wrap in in place. This method works very well to hold the ActiPatch® in place although you may experience some loss of range of motion.

Sock: That’s right, a sock can be a really effective way to hold an ActiPatch® in place. Just cut the toe off of a sock that has lost its partner and then slip it on your arm. Placing the ActiPatch® around the elbow and then moving the sock up to your bicep will hold the device in place. The added bonus is that if you choose your sock wisely you can have a very fashionable elbow.


ActiPatch® Knee Wrap: Some people find that they can use the wrap that comes with ActiPatch® Knee Pain relief. Since the knee and the elbow work in a similar fashion, you can often take the knee wrap and to use around your elbow.


So whether you use a sock, tape or wrap, you are sure to find relief from your Tennis or Golfer Elbow utilizing PEMF technology found in ActiPatch®. The vast majority of people who report getting relief, indicate that this occurs within 3 or 4 days, so or those who have never tried ActiPatch®, the 7 day trial is a perfect way to find out how effective it can be for your pain.

ActiPatch® also comes in a 720 hour model that features an on/off switch making it perfect to keep in the medicine cabinet for when pain strikes. 

ActiPatch® products can be purchased in the UK at Boots, Lloyds, Superdrug, Gordons and many other stores. Additionally, all ActiPatch® products, including the 7 Day Trial, can be found on



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